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2 - Enlightened   (2)
3 - No more (new)   (2)
4 - See Me   (3)
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8 - Whisper Away   (3)

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all about Philippa

Philippa was born in Otley, West Yorkshire in the summer of 1980 and has spent most of her life living in the Yorkshire area. From a young age she has always loved to sing, dance and listen to music. As a child she had no tv or computer games but instead made music with her brother Christian. Throughout her school years she took part in amateur dramatics, christmas plays and sang at events.

At the age of ten she learned to play the guitar and drums and formed a family band with her brother and three cousins. Her mother Jean would teach her songs in the kitchen whilst washing dishes; harmonising appeared to come naturally to her. She was influenced greatly by her brother's outlook on music and his drive to create. In her mid teens she concentrated on composing her own music using a computer and keyboard; this is when she began to adopt her own styles. During this time she experimented with samples, mixing old with new.

In her late teens, Philippa became Bradford's 'Karaoke Queen'. She would sing with her mother in pubs, clubs and bars most Sunday evenings; they sang a whole variety of songs, some as duets, some alone. Philippa loved the entertaining as well as the singing. When she left school she went straight into full time employment working as a care assistant doing twelve hour shifts a day. She had little time to create her own music but the burning desire to be recognised as a good artist was still a dream to her.

In her mid twenties she strived to make more of her talents and so decided to create a CD. With the help of Christian who by now had a degree in music and computer science and the assistance of his wife Mhairi, the three spent months working together to achieve this. Philippa's mucical tastes are so eclectic and this is portrayed in the songs she has written. She uses her voice in flexible ways to create emotion and feeling for the listener.

At present the CD is still being created and some of the songs are only part complete. Philippa intends to complete these songs and is currently writing more. She hopes that visitors to this site will enjoy her creations.

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